Dual Curing Polymer Systems

Low temperature heat curing one part epoxy systems are formulated to cure at temperatures from 175 to 210°F (80° to 100°C). These systems are well suited for bonding heat sensitive substrates and engineered to fit other application requirements, such as:

  • 用CTE差异粘合类似/不同的基材
  • 最小化热应力
  • Preventing warpage, cracking during temperature fluctuations.



All epoxy adhesives reach their peak performance property values after longer exposure to heat at higher temperatures.胶粘剂学院:热固化101andHeat Curing 102videos cover this subject in more details. Although optimal properties are obtained with the higher temperature cure, the lower curing temperature still provides reasonably good physical strength and electrical insulation values. To These systems are compounded to cure at the lowest temperatures for the shortest time periods to facilitate rapid production speeds.

示例:Master Bond Subeplay官网骗人吗preme 3HT-80的典型属性

拉伸剪切强度,铝至铝,75°F 在175°F下30分钟固化 600-800 psi.
拉伸剪切强度,铝至铝,75°F 在250°F下30分钟固化 2,000-200 psi.
拉伸强度,75°F 在175°F下30分钟固化 3000-4,000 psi.
拉伸强度,75°F 在250°F下30分钟固化 7,000-8,000 psi.
T-peel strength, aluminum to aluminum, 75°F 在175°F下30分钟固化 5-10 pli
T-peel strength, aluminum to aluminum, 75°F 在250°F下30分钟固化 20-25 Pli.



Select two component epoxy systems offer exceptionally long working life after mixing and cure at moderately elevated temperatures. For example,Master Bond EP62-1features a greater than 12 hour working life for a 100 gram batch.