Surface Mount Adhesive Systems

Master Bond has developed many dielectric and conductive surface mount adhesive systems (SMAs) for use in various electronic applications. These can be either one component compounds which cure with heat or two component chemistries which can cure at room temperature. Electrically insulating surface mount adhesives offer excellent bond strength and can hold components in place during solder reflow process. Electrically conductive SMAs are employed in various advanced electronic devices to replace solder.




Some of the most important performance properties are:

  • 导热/电气剥离GydF4y2Ba
  • 电气ly conductive
  • Consistent dot profile
  • Non corrosive
  • 空隙填充GydF4y2Ba
  • 承受热应力GydF4y2Ba
  • No stringing
  • 颜色根据需要编码GydF4y2Ba

Learn about oursilver conductive surface mount adhesives designed to replace solder pastes

Common Applications Featuring Master Bond’s Surface Mount Epoxies


  • Chip on board assemblies
  • 一个nalog devices
  • X射线和成像设备GydF4y2Ba
  • 电光感觉设备GydF4y2Ba

Most Popular Surface Mount Epoxies