Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings for Advanced Transportation Applications


Our products replace welding, brazing, mechanical fasteners and bond dissimilar lighter weight substrates to improve fuel efficiency. This has enabled th assembly of more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, moisture resistant transportation systems that improve safety, are quieter and possess customized aerodynamic designs. Master Bond 100% solid formulations have made important contributions for lowering operating costs, meeting environmental and sustainability concerns while providing surface protection and corrosive resistance. Additionally these one and two component liquid/paste compounds have a proven track record in accelerating productivity while dispensing bonding systems to match exact alignments ensuring reproducibility and meeting stringent quality control standards. These high quality compositions have offered solutions to challenging transportation needs and have been instrumental in many maintenance/repair applications.


  • Gasketing and sealing
  • 高性能结构粘合
  • 灌封和封装
  • 孔隙封口
  • Composite assembly
  • 缝封口
  • 阻尼
  • 加强

Structural adhesive systems for the transportation industry


Examples of performance properties pertinent to applications in the transportation industry include:

  • 磨损和耐磨性
  • Resistance to shock, vibration and impact
  • 符合UL 94V-0阻燃规格
  • NASA低倾向批准
  • 耐化学性
  • High/low temperature serviceability

Most Popular Transportation Adhesive/Sealant Systems

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